Isaac and Evelyn Perez – 2023 Annual Report

Isaac and Evelyn Perez – Church Planter in Ecuador

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024! We would like to begin this short report by thanking God for extending His mercy and grace to us, but without ceasing to thank each one of you who supported us in your prayers and missionary offerings during the year 2023.

1 Timothy 1:12 “And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enables me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.”

Summary of the year: It was a joy to see 3,623 people receive Christ as Savior, 24 people were baptized and dozens visited us.

In December we had the opportunity to preach 819 people. In different ways, we were able to enter 3 municipal schools, giving away candy bags. We had our friend’s day, and 65 people visited us (most of them were parents of the children we had visited at the schools). We had 3 people baptized 74 visitors.

We pray that God will provide us with the necessary resources to be able to help people come to church. I thank God that most of them come by their own means, and the way we help them is by paying for their taxis, since renting transportation is too expensive.

Our Christmas and New Year’s Eve end-of-year worship had good attendance and visitations on the last two Sundays.

This January, we will be celebrating our second anniversary. A group from our church in Celaya, pastor Alejandro Cordova, will come to help us with evangelistic campaigns and to invite people. We want to have people saved, baptized and added to the church.

We ask for your prayers that God will provide us with everything we need so that in all things he be honored and glorified.

Pray for our spiritual life, and health, for some special needs that we have, and for the church…for the project of purchasing some land.

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