Familia Flores Rosales – 2023 Annual Report

Francisco Flores – Missionaries to Honduras

It is a pleasure to greet you, wishing you a happy new year, hoping that God will continue to fulfill His perfect will in your life. We faithfully believe in the promises of our good God, that He will fulfill His purpose in us. Psalms 37:5 ” Commit thy way unto the Lord, and trust in him; and he shall bring it to pass.” We want to tell you about what happened in December in order to encourage your heart to continue being faithful to God, because our work in Him will never be in vain. We continue to see the hand of God in our ministry. God has never left us, He has always shown His faithfulness, which motivates us to remain constant in his work.

The month of December was a month of great results, winning souls in a place called ” La Plazuela”. We were able to go with our transportation to win souls and bring fruit to our church. More than 15 young people and children who attended during the whole month of December, not only on Sunday, but now on Thursdays, excited to come to church. We are teaching discipleship to more than 15 young people and this past Sunday we gave them a Bible with a reading plan so that in one year they will be able to fully read it. And so we began to make a single route of two places, La Torre and La Plazuela, where every service is attended by more than 25 young people and adults. This Sunday, December 31, we thought that no one was going to come from those two places… But we were surprised when 34 young people, children, and adults came on our transport, one after the other, one after the other! Glory to God for their heart and for seeking God at a young age! It has been a blessing that we want to tell you about.

This year 2003 we had several activities that bore fruits, fruits that have remained until this moment; being saved and baptized, and faithful to God, Some of the activities were: attendance campaigns, bible schools, evangelistic campaigns, our first family conference and also our first missions conference; and attendance to external conferences.

Likewise, we kicked off the preaching ministry at the hospital. Hundreds of people were saved and our desire is that God, in His own time, give them growth. Giving us all this as a result, this year we had an attendance of 70 people in our church. Glory to God that he allows us to be part of his work. Therefore, we can say that the work that is being done in this place of Comanygua, Honduras is not in Vain.

This year 2024 we have a year with many expectations as a church; to continue to take the gospel of our savior Jesus Christ, not only in our Jerusalem, but also in our Samaria, Judea, and to the ends of the earth. We have a motto for our year 2024: “Transformed into His image”, taking the quote from 2 Corinthians 3:18 because our desire is, that as a church, we can be more like Him. For His is Worth, we were bought with a price, and we believe that His is the only one who can transform us into His image.

We would like to ask you to continue to keep us in your prayers, especially in some special requests.

  1. As you know we are in the process of getting a residency. We have concluded with the requirements that the government and the lawyer asked us and we have paid more than 3000 dollars, already invested thanks to you who had part both in prayer and financially. We received a message from our lawyer this month, about the final stage, that the government is asking us for a fee of $450 for the three of us to pay, so we can go to the final stage of the process. For this reason, we ask you to help us to pray that God will supply this need for the $450, which we do not have at this moment.
  2. We also ask that God help us to raise $10,000 for new transportation this year since it is an instrument in our ministry.
  3. And the last request is that God guide us this year with all the goals that we have!

He is the one who gives the victory!

Thank you for your life, your financial support, and your valuable prayers, May God continue to bless your lives.

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