Alberto and Alhelia Ochoa: 2023 Annual Report (January 2024)

Alberto & Alhelia Ochoa – Missionaries to Ecuador

2024 Report

In 2023, while on deputation, we have been actively involved in spreading the Word of God. It is truly encouraging to see people from all walks of life accepting the Gospel and professing their faith in Jesus Christ as their savior. We pray that we may soon reach the field and witness God’s great work of expanding the reach of Gospel.

We have been sharing the need to translate the Bible into the languages where they do not have it. Our heart trembles to see how more Bible translators are needed to go to those places to start churches and leave them the Word of God in their own language.

The next Bible translator could be you!!!

During our travels God took care of us all along the way, and supplied us for all our needs. We have truly experienced God’s good hand over our lives. We are thankful to God for letting us celebrate 2 years of marriage! Serving our good God with joy and pleasure. He has been very good to bless our marriage!

We ask for your prayers as we continue to present our calling to every church we go, and that God may be glorified in all that we do.

Help up pray for the following needs:

  1. God’s leading for the translation of the Bible in the Ecuatorian jungle.
  2. God’s care and grace to share the burden of Bible translation in each church.
  3. Financial provision to undergo some medical tests during these months.

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