Fidel and Bertha Silva: 2023 Annual Report (January 2024)

Fidel and Bertha Silva – Missionaries in Bolivia

Greeting from the Mount Abarim Baptist Church and Mount Hebron Baptist Church in Bolivia! Thank you for holding the rope on this side of the world. It is a joy to share what God has done in Bolivia.

We began the month by celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We are grateful to God for allowing us to remain faithful to each other and the Lord, wherever He calls us. The church of Yapacani in “Santa Cruz” began the month with an Evangelistic conference in a small town called “Santa Fe” where we have a mission, by the grace of God 120 people attended, out of which 100 received Christ as their Savior.

As for the mission in “Santa Fe”, by the grace of God, both attendance at the meetings and the route that comes from there have been growing. We ask for your prayers for the Youth Conference that we will have in January. We decided to hold the conference in the church of Yapacani, so we would be having our first “Youth Conference” May the Lord greatly use the preachers and change the lives of many young people for the Lord.

The Church of Cochabamba goes on with various evangelistic activities for Young People. all with the next conference in view. Also, there was a special service for Christmas taking advantage of the occasion to evangelize. We want to tell those who have been praying for Rafael Albino, the boy we were taking care of; sadly when we talked to his father to get tutoring for him, his father decided to take him away. We pray that everything he learned during the time he was with us to not be forgotten and bear fruit later.

This year God has allowed us to see his hand in our lives in a very special way and we are grateful to you for being part of the work done for God here in Bolivia. We know that there is still a lot to do for the Lord and we pray to God that he continues to give us life and health to go on serving him. God has assigned us many plans and goals for the work next year, and we hope to be able to fulfill them all.

Once again I say goodbye to you, thanking you for your faithful financial support, which we know you make sacrificially, that the word of God be taught in this country; and for your prayers that support the work we do for the Lord.

We wish you a Happy New Year!

Your missionaries in Bolivia,

Fidel and Bertha Silva

Please pray for:

  • The Salvation of the people of Bolivia
  • The health of my family
  • Provision for the churches and all those who serve with us
  • For the two new churches “Sipe-Sipe” (Cochabamba), “Santa Fe” (Yapacani)
  • For the Mount Abarim Baptist Institute
  • For more laborers
  • For a vehicle to use for our but route

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