Alejandro and Anaid Hernandez : 2023 Annual Report (January 2024)

Alejandro and Anaid Hernandez – Missionaries in Greeley, Colorado

Greetings from Greeley Colorado, your missionaries the Hernandez Family

Dear Pastor and Church,

We greet you in the Name of the Lord and we hope that you are receiving His blessings.

By the grace of God, we can summarize the almost five years that we have been in the field in the following way:

First of all, we are excited and eager to be able to go forward with God’s strength. At the beginning soon after arriving in Greeley, in 2019, COVID appeared with its confinements, but the church stood firm. then, in 2021, we had a year of treatment because my wife got sick with cancer. By God’s mercy, she is already much better, recovering from some sequels. In the most recent test that they did in December, everything indicated that she is cancer-free. The Lord has allowed us to be an encouragement and a blessing for what we learned through this trial, teaching in some programs for ladies on social media, and giving lectures in some Hispanic churches.

In the middle of last year, the American church that supported us with a building and immigration papers, did not want to do it anymore. We started looking for another building to gather, and another American church that could legally sponsor us. Thank God, He responded to all our needs.

We can certainly see the hand and grace of God in the midst of difficulties. In November of last year, a church opened its doors for us to use their building at no cost, but out of gratitude, we give them an monthly love offering. Now, we can see that we have been and encouragement and blessing to them.

In December, Front Range Baptist Church, in Fort Collins with Pastor Dean Miller, accepted us into their church to be able to continue being legal in the ministry that God had given us. We are still members of our sending church in San Luis Potosi. In our mission field, we can say that Front Range is our church.

We are happy and grateful that in the midst of all this we have not stopped preaching the Word of God. With cold, snow, heat and everything, we have faithfully been knocking on doors.

We have seen people get saved, baptized, and transformed by the power of God. We want to be able to finish knocking on all of Greeley’s doors this year. Pray so that people can be sensitive to the voice of God. We also ask you to pray that God may send more laborers to His harvest. We realize that we need more people to be involved in the ministry. For the time being, our children have been a great blessing, and have been my co-laborers.

By the grace of God, we are supporting ten missionaries. This year, we plan to add more. Pray that God’s work does not stop, that the immigration papers do not take long, and that we can do God’s will in Greeley, Colorado.

Your Missionaries:

Alejandro, Anaid, Josue, David and Gabriel Hernandez

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