Mike and Becky Patterson and The Bethesda Homes – November 2020 Prayer Letter

Dr. Mike and Mrs. Becky Patterson – MABMI President Emeritus and International Representative 
Bethesda Children’s Homes – Tlapa, Mexico

Dear Ones:

It is with a thankful heart that I write this letter. On election day, my Becky spent 14 hours working at the local polling station. Returning that night, she developed heart attack symptoms. Searing chest pain radiating down her left arm changed our lives. EMT’s gave and EKG then transported her by ambulance to Fort Worth’s best cardiac hospital. Elevated troponin levels indicated a heart attack. After three days of testing and new meds she’s home! She has A-fib and is seeing the cardiologist today. I’m caring for her as she so often has for me.

Our Mexican leaders are doing a marvelous work. We had to again postpone our fall trip. Our national leaders have begged us not to come for now. The Covid plague is much worse there than in the USA. In the barrio where the boy’s home is located, at least 40 have perished with Covid. So many have died among national pastors and missionaries. Just yesterday word came of another missionary dying.

I marvel at God’s grace during these dark days. The children have lacked for nothing and we’ve meet weekly payroll. I am informed that we have the only school in operation in the state. Everything else is being done on the web. The government demanded many incredibly expensive modification to give our special permission.

In His Love,
Mike Patterson

P. S. Several more have discontinued their support. We understand, there are difficult times. Dr. McCoy taught us the danger of deficit spending and a few special offerings have helped. We know our God is in control, that is true with our government changes, finances and our health. He is infinitely worthy of our trust. Pray for my Becky. I’ve cancelled November meetings to care for her. Pray that she will survive my cooking! Pray for the young champions we’re training in the homes. I am praying about a special project in Tlapa that I will not share until God gives more direction. We love you!

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