Antonio And Betty Gomez – 2023 Annual Report (January 2024)

Antonio and Betty Gomez – Missionaries in Durango, Mexico

Dear Brethren:

Receive warm greetings. As the Christmas season and New Year draw nearer, I wanted to send you a report on our family and work. My wife’s health has been feeble, so we have been limiting her travels to conferences with me. However, she is still active at home and at the “Friends of Samuel” School. Samy is doing well except during periods of anxiety that he gets more and more often.

As for me, my health is average for my age (72) but thanks to God I have been able to continue preaching in the rural communities “ranchitos” in the region and in some conferences in other states of Mexico and the U.S. as well as winning souls locally.

We are working with Medical Brigades in different remote villages, giving medical consultations, medicines and also the plan of salvation is given to the people. Also, our youth ministry has been very successful in winning souls for Christ and forming a Christian music orchestra.

We thank God for his blessings. The greatest of them being that for 43 years we have been in ministry, and “Friends of Samuel” has been serving the special needs community for 19 years. We appreciate your continuous prayers for our health and well-being, as lone as God grants us life, and for the support that you have been to us.

God bless you and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year 2024

In Christ, and totally by HIS GRACE,

Antonio, Beatriz, and Samuel Gomez
Serving God in Mexico

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