Harold and Lílian Gilmer : March 2024 Prayer Letter

Harold and Lilian Gilmer – South America Director, Church Planter and Bible Translation in São Paulo, Brazil

Dear Brethren:
“Now therefore give me this mountain . . . ” (Joshua 14:12a).

Some things are unforgettable. “Who is waiting for us at the new Church?” I thought, as I looked at the
people that were saved at the last Church we helped establish. That question is answered every time we
set foot at the Church we are now establishing. By God´s grace we have seen many people saved and
added to the Church! But our work is not yet finished.

You might recall that we were given a piece of land for the Church in the Vila Guacuri neighborhood
and rented a house just two blocks away on a very strategic corner, on top of the hill. Little did we know
that people were praying for a Church to be established at that very location. A ministry in the USA
promised to erect a building, but after analysis of the land, they recommended that we sell it and
purchase a more level lot. The promise still stands; but for that we need to purchase land, organize the
Church, and establish a national Pastor. All those things are lining up quite nicely, but we need your
increased prayers at this time for the land.

The location of the house we rented is ideal; but the owners, once again, have refused our offer to buy.
We currently have $80,000 toward the purchase but need to double this amount (at least!) if we have
hopes of securing that property. We make Caleb´s prayer our own: “Now therefore give me this
mountain” (Joshua 14:12a).

We do believe that one of the reasons the owner does not want to sell is because we are such good
tenants. As long as we are paying top dollar for rent, there is no incentive to sell. It is time to move.

A property has become available for rent on the main avenue, just a few blocks away from our current
location, which is owned by the same man who made his car shop available for services back in 2009,
when we met Mr. Celso (whom I spoke about in our December 2023 Prayer Letter). He is offering us
this property for basically a third of what we are paying on rent today. He has no intention of selling, so
this is a temporary solution until we can raise enough funds to purchase land.

We need a multiplication miracle! Please pray with us for this great need.

Yours fellow servants in Brazil,
Harold, Lílian, Raphael and Danielle

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