Charles Barnes: December 2021 Prayer Letter

Charles and Barbie Barnes – Church Planter in Maine, USA

“To every thing there is a season…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Dear Prayer Partners,

The last quarter of 2021 was a bit of a challenge on a personal level. Barbie’s mom passed away on October 28th, I preached her service on November 4th, and immediately afterwards, Barbie and I both came down with COVID and were sick for over a month. We are well now, and we thank the Lord for family and Christian friends who prayed and helped during this period.

I am truly pleased that while I was away from the pulpit for five weeks, due to sickness, our folks still assembled and were faithful to the Lord. Even though I had no one to cover for me that first Sunday, they still met for Bible study and prayer using our church quarterly materials. Praise the Lord! For the following Sundays, two different godly men from a church in central Maine were able to come and provide a message. I thank the Lord for these two faithful men.

Each year our church takes all the monies received on Christmas Sunday and donate them to a missionary effort. This year our small congregation gave $425 to a start-up gospel tract printing ministry! It is wonderful to see the Lord working in their hearts.

I am beginning to schedule meetings to report back to churches for this year, and so far, I will be in Michigan and Ohio the end of April. If you would like for me to be at your church, please let me know either by phone (207) 441-8642 or via email at Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Prayer Requests

1) A good reliable travel trailer (18’ – 22’) prior to April. The one we live in (a little tough during the winter months) is not road worthy. Medical issues are best met when we can just pull over and rest when needed.
2) Laborers are needed everywhere. We have one young man on deputation to come to Maine but pray God will raise up others as well for Northern New England and America.
3) We ask prayer for a permanent home. We have been living in a camper for eight years and it can be quite challenging during Maine’s very cold weather.

Planting for Christ,
Charles Barnes

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