Mike Patterson: February 2013 Prayer Letter

mike and becky patterson

Dear Ones:


We just completed our 47th Annual Foreign Field Conference of the Mount Abarim Baptist Mission in Fort Worth, TX.  The meeting was crowned with Holy Spirit anointing and filled with precious surprises.

Missionary Steve Volante’s Help

Steve was an incredible help in this year’s conference.  He gave three months of his time to help in preparations for the meeting.  He put together a beautiful overview of the ministry called “INFLUENCE,” giving a glimpse of what we are doing worldwide.  (We are sending you a copy.)  Bill joined us and worked tirelessly as well.  These two talented men carried heavy loads in helping me this year.  For me it was the best meeting we have ever hosted.

Conference Ministry

Our conference ministry continues and we will begin a meeting with the Lavon Drive Baptist Church in a few days.  We plan to fly to Mexico to be first in Cuernavaca, then on to Tlapa with the children.

Our Five Children

Our kids are scattered over the world, but they all managed to make it to Texas for the January conference.  What a surprise!  Special offerings and letters came from many of our family and supporters.  We were able to replace our high mileage road vehicle in Texas with a 2011 Yukon with only 18,000 miles.  God is so gracious.

Sheets and Towels for Tlapa

Hundreds of sheets and towels were donated through the Immanuel Baptist Church of Decatur, TX.  As I write a truckload is on its way to Tlapa.  We are praying that border officials will find grace to allow the much needed linens into Mexico without heavy taxes.  We plan to be in Mexico by March, if my doctors allow.


In His love,
Mike Patterson


PS:  The book I have written, My People, is now in its third and final round of editing/proofing and should be in print before long.

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