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May 2015 Prayer Letter

Charles Barnes: May 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends, “I sometimes wonder if you might not be discouraged with our small group?  I know Doug, Rene, and myself most likely would not have found a Church in our life time to attend if you had not opened the Church.  So see what  a difference you have made already!”   These words were sent to me recently via an email from Wanda E., who attends the church we recently reopened (Seal Cove Baptist Church on Mount Desert Island).  I reassured her that the attendance is not the measurement of God’s working or lack of Him working; He doesn’t measure a church by “size” but by “sort” and we may expect others to come as time goes on and additional witnessing efforts and ministries are put in place. The statement, “So see what a difference you have made already!” really needs to be understood as “…what a difference “God” has made already!”  Each church and individual that supports this ministry through prayer and financial support has a part in seeing this church established for people to come and hear the preaching of Bible truth.  If it was not for your help, this would not be possible. Thank you again for your heart for Maine! Lord willing, we will soon be relocating to the island on a limited schedule (several days a week) via a fifth-wheel trailer.  This will allow us greater opportunity to minister to those attending on a regular basis and to conduct door-to-door soul-winning outreach.  We currently drive two and a half hours, each way, on Sundays to hold services.  There also needs to be some improvements made to the church’s parking area – additional gravel brought in and upgrades made to better facilitate the trailer (electrical and water hook-up). Stewardship was the topic preached for the month of April, with an emphasis on Biblical tithing.  Missions will be emphasized in May, as our first missionary is scheduled to arrive on June 7th.  It is important for Christians to learn early to ‘give’ and especially to ‘give’ that others may ‘go.’  May God raise more missions-minded churches! Thank you again for your prayers and support in establishing churches in Maine!  May God bless you. Planting for Christ, Chuck Barnes, Sr., Barbie and Kimberly

Prayer Requests:

  1. Salvation of souls.
  2. Increased love for missions.
  3. Finances for improvements.
  4. Family & personal health.

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