Bill and Marcy Patterson

April 2016 Prayer Letter

Bill Patterson: April 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends:

Our greatest victories and trials are invariably interconnected. The more God blesses, the more it seems that the devil sends obstacles. Praise the Lord, we serve an omnipotent God, who is perfect in every way!

Dedication and Publication of the Scriptures: Before this month has finished, I am scheduled to fly to Spain and Mongolia in order to attend the dedicatory service and public launch of the Spanish and Mongolian New Testaments. These meetings will conclude ten years of work. God has enabled us to reach a goal that was only possible through Him. Our Lord deserves all the credit and all the glory!!

Furlough News: The Lord has continued to allow us to see people saved and called to missions! Last Sunday, an adult couple accepted Christ as their Savior, and five adults surrendered for full-time missionary service! So far this year, we have seen over twenty saved and eighty called to missions! We also have been very busy with plans for the summer Missionary-in-Training Program. There are currently thirty-two signed up for two weeks of camp, ministry, and soul-winning in cross-cultural situations. It is amazing that ten different ministries are involved in this program!

Personal Needs: Our 2015 taxes have just come due, and we owe double what we paid last year. In addition, we had to purchase tires for our van and need to replace part of the fence around our home. We are facing a $6,000 deficit. Please pray that God would supply for each of these needs.

In Christ’s love,
Bill Patterson

P.S. The needs shared above are not meant to be a burden. Our God is able to provide far beyond what we could hope or think. We do ask you to pray for us, and thank you for partnering with us.

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