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June 2014 Prayer Letter

Bill Patterson: June 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends:

God’s blessings can never be measured by the tangible results visible to our sin-clouded eyes. What we can see encourages us, as we know that God is working in ways that goes beyond our understanding!

Blessings in Mexico: In four days of ministry, the Lord allowed us to see thirty-seven professions of faith!

One young man had been battling with worldly music, DVD’s, and a number of other sins. When he gave his life to Christ, he also burned up all those things which had kept him from coming to Christ. The visible change in his life has been evident to everyone. Praise the Lord!

Family News:

Heather has graduated from high school, and is preparing for college.  Ryan and Tricia are finishing up home school for the year, a bit late for them as a result of all the changes we have gone through in the past few months. Marcy and I will celebrate twenty years of marriage in four days!

Vehicle Fund:

By God’s grace, $600 has come in this month from a supporting church in Ohio, and $600 more has been promised by a supporting church in Virginia! We continue to wait upon the Lord for His provision and His time in this matter. He is teaching us to depend on Him, and we are grateful.

Translation Report:

In just a few minutes, we will be returning to Middleton, Tennessee, where we will resume our work with Oyumaa on the Mongolian New Testament. Please pray that God would strengthen us as we continue our work on the Gospel of Luke.

Thank you for praying! Your prayers are our life line in our service to the Lord.

Bill Patterson

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