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July/August 2014 Prayer Letter

Charles Barnes: July/August 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

Seal Cove Baptist Church on Mt Desert Island

Seal Cove Baptist Church on Mt Desert Island

On Sunday, August 3rd, we officially re-opened Seal Cove Baptist Church on Mount Desert Island!

This is what our ministry is all about; seeing new works starting up in the State of Maine! We were excited about the number of people who came, the great spirit, and especially the one woman who expressed interest in being saved. We are praying the Lord will truly bless in the coming months as we go forward for the glory of God!

It is because of your prayers and support that this island community can have an opportunity to hear the gospel. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Planting for Christ,
C. Barnes Sr. Chuck Barnes, Sr., Barbie and Kimberly

Prayer Requests

1) Sue Jackson for salvation.
2) God’s blessings on the church.
3) My personal health challenges.

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