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October 2016 Prayer Letter

Charles Barnes: October 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

We want to say thank you for your continued prayer on the behalf of the work here in Maine. Seal Cove Baptist had a new “high” of 22 in August and we see new visitors on a regular basis, some local, some from “away”, but all welcomed.

I believe the Lord would have us help this church find a new Pastor so we may look at other areas of this State in need of a gospel-preaching work. We have had several men candidate but, as yet, none have indicated their commitment to labor on Mount Desert Island.  Our plan is to stay until the Lord sends the right individual.

We were part of Fellowhelpers to the Truth in October, which is now a semi-annual meeting that I started years ago. It is always held on a Saturday morning and is designed to encourage bi-vocational pastors serving in Maine.  There were 16 preachers on hand and 12 churches represented.  One emphasis has always been the need to start more churches and these men know best what that requires.

The Lord also allowed me to be part of my 14-year-old grandson’s moose hunt. We were successful with a 730 pound bull moose!  (Moose hunting is legal in Maine on a permit basis – see attachment).

Thank you for your faithful efforts on our behalf.

Planting for Christ
Chuck Barnes, Sr., Barbie and Kimberly

Prayer Requests:

1.) That the Lord would direct the right man to takeover the work on MDI.
2.) For Barbie (she has a medical procedure coming up on November 4th)
3.) My truck now has 280,000 miles on it. We are in need of a newer ¾-ton crew cab truck with 4WD. (Yes, even GMCs do not last forever!)

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